Rental terms

Ideal renter is repsonsible, friendly and prompt.


General info. about renting this property:

  • 1 yr. lease; $900/mo.
    6 mo. lease; $950/mo.
  • Security deposit is $1,200.
  • No smoking in the condo & no pets.
  • Administrative fee to prep the lease/ keys etc. $75.
  • Tenants are requested to remove shoes indoors (white carpet)
  • Utilities are not included
  • House has front-load washer and dryer.
  • Up-keep of lawn is NOT required.


If the information on this site tells you that this is the right home for you, please stop by and have a look at and around the property. If you are interested, A tour can be arranged.

Click here to fill out a rental application, fill it out and provide me with $30 to run your credit ($45 for two people). With your application please include your last 3 cancelled rent or mortgage checks.

The Hide Away is NOW available.