Rental terms
Ideal renter is responsible, friendly and prompt.


General info. about renting these properties:

  • Type of lease offered — 1-2 years.
  • Security deposit from $1,800-$2,100.
  • Administrative fee to prep the lease/ keys etc. — $75.
  • Cost to run your credit and process your application; $30 for the 1st person, $15 for each addtional wage earner.
  • Mature, well-behaved pets are permitted, but require deposits
    ($450 refundable and $125 non-refundable)
  • Up-keep of lawn and grounds is required.
  • Utilities are not included
  • These houses are too small for families with 5 or more sentient beings or more than 3 cars.


If you believe that one of these homes maybe right for you, please drive the neighborhood and have a look at the (exterior of the) property. If you are interested, a tour can be arranged.

Once you have toured the house and are ready to fill out an application, you can click here to download it. After filling it out, it can be mailed or email back to me. It costs $30 to run your credit ($15 more for each additional bread-winner).