The Landlord
Easy-going, responsible and modest, no, really.



My name is 'Trip'.

I'm a person, not a 3rd-party rental management firm. I live here in Asheville. You can contact me through the current CL ad, or by joining the mailing list.

I built most of the homes you will see on this site, and it is important to me that they are kept up properly and looking good. Most of my tenants are small families, some have children, some have pets.

This detailed website was created to allow interested parties to research these homes in detail at any time, day or night. This relieves me of having to answer the same questions over and over again. If you would like to be kept abreast of these houses, and want to be on our short list, it's a good idea to join our mailing list, in this way you can ask questions, tell me about yourself, and get updates before they hit CL.

My email address is email

To protect my tenant's privacy, we try to limit tour dates to once or twice per week; tours commence about 5 weeks before the lease expires. Tours tend to be between Friday at 4:00 and Sunday late afternoon, as this is when most people tend to be available. We try to vet the people touring by asking them to drive by the house in advance & check out the location/ neighborhood. Emails from potential renters which indicate that they have already done a drive by (or at least know that they should) are taken more seriously and given priority.

Interested parties are encouraged to submit a completed application once all the people who will be living in the home have toured it, (download application by clicking here). No applications are accepted from people who have not toured the house. No exceptions. To process your application I will need $30 (to run your credit.) If the rent will be shared, I will need to run the credit for each person accountable, but each additional person is only $15.

While dozens of people express interest in houses which come available, there are generally 2-4 only applicants per available house. I will offer a lease to the most qualified applicant, and there is a $75 administrative fee which pays for prepping the lease, prepping the house, coordinating with the current and future tenant, setting up a lock box, etc.

Happy news for pet owners! The houses on this site are pet-friendly (the condo in Candler is not). A refundable and a non-refundable pet deposit are required to host a dog or cat.