Common Questions about the 7 Krista Circle



How much is the rent?

It depends on how long of a lease you require. The rent is $900 if you sign a 1 year lease or $950/mo. with a 6 month lease.

Which floor is it on?

I call it the first floor, though it may be referred to as the garden level. There are no stairs to access it, only sloped walking path. It faces the forest, which is much more private and doesn't have car noise from the parking lot, compared to the top floors.

What does it cost to move in?

First month's rent plus security deposit ($1,200).

What are you looking for in a renter?

Friendly, financially-stable folk who will care for the home as if it were their own. I do check references and will request your last 3 cancelled rent or mortgage checks. This apartment is nicer than most of what is available in Candler, while with easy access to local restaurants and everyday needs, in this price range. It will go to a well qualified tenant.

What are you trying to avoid in your renters?

Groups of friends who must all combine their incomes to make the rent, (because they tend to move after only one year). College kids who party a lot, smokers, people with new pets, people with no job (unless you can show considerable financial independence.)

Can I smoke inside ?

No. But there is a covered porch in the front.

Can I rent-to-own?

This is negotiable based on your credit history.

Does the yard have any mature trees?

The yard is mostly grass, but there is a forest of trees about 150' away, there is a photo of the view in the gallery called, "apt.view.jpg"; it is the second photo in the series.

Does it have a garage?

No, but a large open-air parking lot with multiple parking spaces available.

Does it have a gas range?

No, but it does have a new electric range and all new appliances.

What makes you a cool landlord?

I have a sense of humor and am reasonable and negotiable.

Can I have a veggie garden?

Sure. As long as it is immediately in front of the porch and well-kept.

Is there a fenced-in yard ?


Can I fence in the yard ?


How much are utilities?

This is affected by both your lifestyle AND the weather, but aprox. $50 - $70/mo. for electr.

Where is the house?

Click here

Can I have pets?


Why do you have such a detailed website?

It took a long time to answer these same questions many times per day so I am trying to make it easier and faster for everyone.

How do I apply, or get a lease?

Click here to fill out a rental application, fill it out and provide me with $30 to run your credit ($45 for two people). With your application please include your last 3 cancelled rent or mortgage checks.