204 Michigan Q & A


What does it cost to move in?

First month's rent plus $2,000 security deposit. Pet deposits are additional.

How big is the house?

The house is 1,440 sq. feet. But there are a few features which make it feel a little larger; high ceilings, lots of windows, a covered porch in front and and a large deck in back.

I have a pet, is that a problem?

No puppies, no alligators, no new/ young animals allowed. Mature well-trained animals are fine, but deposits are required (see below).

Is there a fenced-in yard ?


Can I fence-in the yard ?


Will you put in a dog fence for me?

If a tenant were prepared to pay for half or sign a long-term lease, we might be able to work something out.

What are you looking for in a renter?

Friendly, financially-stable folk who will care for the home as if it were their own and are looking for a long term rental (1 year minimum). I do check references and run credit. It prudent to forewarn and explain skeletons which lurk in the closet of one's credit history.

What are you trying to avoid in your renters?

Large families with many pets and cars and groups of young friends who are going to 'try' living together, (because they tend to move after only one year). College kids who party a lot, smokers, people with new pets, people with no job (unless you can pay rent up front in 6-month blocks.)

Can I smoke inside ?

Sorry, no, but there is a covered porch in the front.

When will the house be available?

Please see the home page for updates on availability.

I love the house, how can I arrange a tour?

There is now someone living in the house. Out of respect for my tenant's privacy, I try to limit tours to 1-2 per week. To this end, I ask that you drive by the house & check out the location/ neighborhood. If you like both, e-mail me the times when you and all of your potential house-mates are available, and I will work with the tenant to sched. something that works for everyone.

Can I buy one of your houses or rent-to-own?

None of my houses are currently on the market. But for the right price, any of my houses could be purchased. If you are looking for a house at below market-value, you should look elsewhere.

Does it have a basement?

No, but it does have a crawl-space under the floor; external access.

Does it have an attic?

Not a finished one, but it does have a considerable storage space above the ceiling; internal access via a fold-down ladder.

Does is have a garage?

No, but it does have a very long driveway.

Does it have a gas range?

No, but it does have a electric range and a microwave.

What makes you a cool landlord?

I have a sense of humor and am reasonable and negotiable.

Can I have a veggie garden?

If we can work out the retails of returning your garden to its former condition before you leave — yes.

How much are utilities?

This is effected by both your lifestyle AND the weather, but approx. $40-$110/mo. for electr. depending on how much you use the heat and AC. Water, sewer and trash together should be around $40-50 /mo.

Where is the house?

Click here

Why do you have such a detailed website?

It takes a lot of time to answer these same questions over an over, and by putting this info online, people can find their answers around the clock - 24/7. I have found that this makes the process easier and faster for everyone.

How do I contact you?

Click here for my contact info.

How do I apply, or get a lease?

After you have toured the house, and insured that the move-date, the location and the price work for you, click here to download a rental application. Fill it out and give it to me with the application fee (see below).

I live out of town, can I apply for the house w/out touring it?

No, I believe it is important to tour a place and meet with my tenants face-to-face before signing a lease. Housing is a very important, and personal decision, and must be taken with care.

What fees will I incur in moving into this house?

It costs $30 to run your credit ($15 more for each additional bread-winner). If you are offered a lease there is a $75 administrative fee to prep the lease/ keys/ etc. Pet fees vary according to the number of animals, but 1 dog or cat requires a $450 refundable and $125 non-refunbable deposit.