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Recently Built, Well-Maintained Rental Houses in Asheville

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If you have toured some Asheville rental houses then you know how tired and neglected many of them are, and how little maintenance some management companies do. The houses on this website are different; they are not managed by a 'bad-cop' rental agency, which is just focued on their bottom line. All of the houses shown on this website were built between 2004 & 2008. They were either designed and built to be a rental house, or purchased to be a rental house. They are owner-managed and maintained and it shows; the amenities and appliances are kept working, the paint is fresh, the decks are stained, the shrubs are trimmed.

These houses are well-designed, well-maintained, and realistically priced. So what's the catch? Well, there are only seven of them, and one condo, so the demand far exceeds the supply. Most of our tenants have four things in common; they have no more than 2 cars, no more than 4 sentient beings under roof, not more than 2 bread winners and they read though this site before contacting me. If this does not describe your group/ family, then you may have some stiff competition for these houses.

If you would like to get a leg-up on the competition, the easiest thing to do is to take 15 minutes and review the info on this website. Rare are the questions so nuanced that they are not answered on this website —there are photos of every house, inside and out, and pages dedicated to terms, the application, arranging a tour, the landlord, err, me and even FAQs. You will find that time spent on this site will allow you to get your questions and curiosities answered quickly. When we get emails full of questions which are answered on this website they are passed over as spam, or assumed to be from people who are immature, or unmotivated. Another way to stay ahead of the curve is to join the mailing list, because when our tenants have big life changes and one of our houses comes available early, those on the mailing list are usually the first to know. 

When looking at the 'available dates' below, please note that some dates are for NEXT YEAR. Also you will see that some dates indicate when the "HOUSE COMES AVAILABLE" and others indicate when the "CURRENT LEASE EXPIRES". Why? Most tenants are encouraged to renew their leases, so an expiring lease does not always indicate that the house WILL come available. If you find that a particular house (or houses) appeals to you, please click through to learn more on the FAQ pages, and check the location of this house by clicking on the map links.

To protect our tenant's privacy, we try to limit tour dates to once or twice per week; tours commence about 5 weeks before the lease expires. To keep the tour traffic down, we vet the interested parties by asking them to drive by the house in advance & check out the location/ neighborhood. Emails from potential renters indicating that they have already done done a drive by (or at least read that they should) are assumed to be serious inquiries.

All houses on this website require a minimum commitment of 1-year.

NO APPLICATIONS WILL BE ACCEPTED FROM PEOPLE WHO ARE NOT ABLE TO TOUR A HOUSE IN PERSON; NO EXCEPTIONS. I seek superior relationships with all of my tenants, and insist upon face-to-face meetings with all inhabitants before offering leases.

Click here to see all houses on one comprehensive Google map. You can also read about the landlord and read about the terms of the rentals offered here.

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  5 Freedom  

5 Freedom Lane
3 bed, 2.5 bath - 1,500 SF - includes wash/dryer- East Asheville - $1,550/mo.
Current lease expire in June, 2018

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11 Old West Chapel
3 bed, 2 bath - 1,700 SF - East Asheville - $1,500/mo.
Current lease expires early July, 2018

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7 Old West Chapel
3 bed, 2.5 bath - 1,550 SF - East Asheville - $1,400/mo.
Current lease will expire early July, 2018

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210 Michigan Ave.
3 bed, 2.5 bath - 1,600 SF - West Asheville - $1,950/mo.
Current lease will expire early July, 2018

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  200 Mich


200 Michigan Ave.
3 bed, 2 bath - 1,440 SF - includes wash/dryer- West Asheville - $1,700/mo.
Current lease will expire mid July, 2018

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204 Michigan Ave.  
3 bed, 2 bath - 1,440 SF - includes wash/dryer- West Asheville - $1,700/mo.
Current lease will expire early August, 2018

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7 Krista Circle
Fully furnished condo 2 bedroom, 2 baths - Candler - $1,020/mo.
Current lease expires Aug., 2018

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210 Wellington
3 bed, 2 bath- 1,550 SF - includ. wash/dryer - West Asheville - $1,900/mo.
Current lease will expire early August, 2019

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